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There are variations of this, and it’s usually used like “do the x person”, and the person who has been told “do the x thing/person” tries to imitate the general behaviour of the person mentioned, a dance, or a certain way of movement, or not necessarily a physical action, but generally just an action.

Why do we use “do the”, and not “do the x”? Because it’s surreal humour. Like just the word “the”. It, for some reason, brings laughs from people that laugh at surreal humour. Surreal humor is funny because you just don’t understand that thing, and it’s so out of your knowledge, and something that you know it doesn’t exist, that it for some reason becomes funny. An example of surreal humor is

“The glorbus has escaped, we will die if we don’t do anything about it. If you see this message, send help.”

Why is it funny? Because it is off topic, because what the fRIck is a “glorbus”, and because it is... something that you know doesn’t exist.

Now to the “do the x” examples, for example, I tell Pella to do the Half Life Scientist, and he says some things that the Half Life Scientist said.

”Hey Pella, do the scientist!”
“Good morning, mister Freeman.”

Usually, to the “do the”, without anything else, there is no response, except for, maybe, “does the”, this spongebob fortnite default dance, or some other funny gif with the caption “do the”. Also, it is an inside joke between me, Pella, and some other guys.

“Hey Pellataso, do the”
* sends spongebob default dance gif *
”Hey Pella, do the scientist!”
“Good morning, mister Freeman.”
by pellataso May 28, 2020
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