Video codec that allows people everywhere to watch high quality porn on their computers while still maintaining a good file size.
by MoonKnight December 12, 2002
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1) Format (codec) for digital video (.avi) files that uses lossy compression. DivX was created by reverse-engineering the MPEG4 format. DivX is known for being able to create high-quality video with very small file sizes. The makers of DivX claim it can reduce a DVD to 10% of its original size and be virtually indistinguishable from the original.

2) Acronym for "Digital Video Express", the failed DVD rental format from Circuit City. They way it worked was once you "activated" the Divx DVD movie, it would lock you out after 48 hours, at which point you could unlock it for another 48 hours, or buy the full movie and unlock it permanently. Never really caught on, mainly because you could only play Divx movies on Divx-enabled DVD players.
1) "You should encode the movie with Divx so you get a small file with good quality"

2) "Haha, you actually bought a Divx player from Circuit City? What, were they out of Betamax players?"
by Jack March 2, 2005
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Good compression scheme and player, can get a two hour movie onto a standard CD with very good video quality. Great for porn and downloaded files because it plays incomplete files. Only got a quarter of a ten minute movie? No other player will let you watch the two minutes you got.
My .avi file is damaged, and nothing on my computer will play it except DIVX player.
by Ah, Clem May 12, 2009
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1) Divx, Divx 6 or Divx avi, is the name of a video format, which can store standard definition video, and up to 5.1 audio, but on a much smaller file size than DVD-Video or MPG. Sizes can be as small as 700MB, allowing for easy storage on CDs, USB sticks or even internet sharing sites. This is achieved by using the superior Mpeg 4 compression scheme, compared to the old Mpeg 2 compression scheme used by DVD-Video or MPG.
Divx files have a .avi or .divx extension. Divx is probably the second most ubiquitous video format in existence (bested only by the DVD-Video format, you may already have a divx-capable DVD player and not knowing it), and the most common format for sharing movies on the internet.
The downside is that making a good quality divx file takes some skills. It's also possible to put subtitles and menus inside divx files.

2) Divx HD, Divx 7 or MKV, is the name of a video format, which can store high definition video (same quality as Bluray), and up to 5.1 audio. Divx HD files are basically MKV files, but with tighter guidelines regarding audio compatibility. Divx HD (MKV) files are generally smaller than Bluray files, around 13GB. Even smaller file sizes can be achieved by throwing some quality out, thus allowing for an HD movie to fit in a dual layer DVD (7.9GB).
MKV is the most common format for sharing high definition movies on the internet. Bluray players with support for Divx HD/MKV have recently started to appear on the market.
1) Most DVD players sold today are Divx-capable, allowing you to play movies downloaded from the internet. Unfortunately the PS2 and Xbox are not divx-capable players.

2) Some Bluray players are Divx HD/MKV-capable, allowing you to play HD movies downloaded from the internet. Unfortunately the PS3 is not.
by kurkosdr2 June 29, 2011
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xVid backwards. It is also xVid's retarded cousin.
Steak is to bologna as xVid is to DivX
by rvbfreak September 5, 2011
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