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Did it to yourself
Lucy: Dude, my life sucks.
Dinah: What happened?
Lucy: I got turnt up the night before my final, got blackout drunk, vomited on myself, and then missed the exam.

Dinah: DITY. (pronounced as di-ty/diddy)
by nyanceh September 26, 2014
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DITY Did I tell you

A web spam tool released by Esrun to spam guestbooks and similar. It was this spam tool that really brought the blackhat seo business into full swing.

The script has been discussed and used by groups such as syndk8 and individuals like matt cutts.
I ran DITY to increase my incoming links.
by sergi man September 02, 2007
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Did it to yourself

When your gf complains about failing her final, but she went to go suck dick the night before.

Lucy: Damn it, I failed my final.
Christine: Aww, it's okay. What did you do last night?
Lucy: Study.. Anthony's dick.

Christine: Um... Fucking DITY dude.
Lucy: Yeah...

by vivianHOHA February 09, 2017
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