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an evil troll who roams in the ghetto of galeton n likes 2 attempt 2 beat people up, which therefore causes OSS and a bloddy nose or 2 4 ditter.
ditter has spikey hair n says "f, f, u"-ditter
by baldy March 20, 2005
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digital tittering, jabbering, to chat meaninglessly back and forth for several seconds or in just a few exchanges such as texting, commenting on social posts or picture exchanges.

When posting a comment such as , "I love that picture, it is so cute!", "Oh, Thank you, that is my dog Pedro"!

Oh, I love to read her ditter, it is always so relevant!

Why do you spend so much time on that ditter?

You Like her dude? No just dittering over my picture!
by GmaRed January 24, 2011
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an ugly dyke who thinks she can beat up people but cant then gets her head slammed against the locker then gets pinned to the ground
again, an ugly dyke that whenever she walks it looks like she has something shoved up her ass, and also she has to wait until shes 14 to have sex, what a slut
by someoneyouwishyouknew March 21, 2005
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messed up boobs.
(ex:ones bigger than the other, wierd nippples, lobsidedness,weird color, etc.)
unattractive boobs basically
"dayummm!!!that girls got some ditters!"
by rimmey.martin February 14, 2009
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a fat slut who thinks she is all that and a bag of chips and thinks that everyone likes her and that if you dont then u r unlucky but really no one likes her and she is ugly and needs to just grow up and stop thretining ppl cuz she cant fight
ahsley richar from galeton pa
by Tony's girl April 04, 2005
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