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The never ending pile of dishes in a single guy or girl's sink.

The food particles left on dishes, even after being cleaned in a dishwasher.
Warren would like to go to the party tonight, but he has dissues to take care of.
by constantineone December 30, 2014
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A super deep issue; an excuse to your boss's so you don't have to explain yourself, as to why your not coming in. Like a personal issue but deeper!!
I can't come into work I am having a dissue!
by Whatitis August 18, 2013
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When there are so many dirty dishes in the kitchen that you just can't even right now.
Dude, I am overwhelmed by the amount of dissues in this kitchen right now, I don't feel like cleaning them all.
by Calymonkey July 22, 2016
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Also known as a dishpute, dissues are issues arising in shared accommodation about who should do the washing up.
"I've got dissues at home."

"Apologies about the dirty dishes, we're having some dissues at the moment."

"My housemate and I have had a dishpute."
by Riiichaaard February 23, 2009
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