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The act of being invited to and then unscrupiously uninvited to a function (a funeral, birthday party, etc.) and dissed by your family members at the same time.
She disinvited me to her wedding twice.
by kmeloco October 23, 2011
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What happens when people act like a bitch and don't want to watch the National Championship with their friends, and instead they decide to watch it with their parents instead.
"Hey come over here at half time."

"I'm watching the game."

"We're streaming it. Come over here at half time."

"No I'm staying here."

"Why, are you watching it with your parents?"


"Oh, you can't give us a response because they're sitting right next to you aren't they?"


"Well you're a little fucking bitch aren't you?"

"Yes I am."

"Well listen here you little cumguzzling gutter slut, you are officially disinvited."
by binksycat April 06, 2015
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