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The term is from the Robert Heinlein classic *Stranger in a Strange Land,* copyright 1961. To discorporate means to die corporeally (physically); withdraw; leave one's body. There are many reasons to discorporate, and it requires the wisdom of Martian Old Ones to truly grok why.
"His joy was muted by awareness that his brother did not share it -- he seemed more distressed than was possible save in one about to discorporate because of shameful lack or failure." Robert Heinlein writing the thoughts of character Valentine Michael Smith in *Stranger in a Strange Land.*
by Ms. V. July 30, 2018
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I believe Robert Heinlein used that word before Frank Zappa even thought of it.
Valentine Michael Smith often felt as if he would discorporate.
by Mrs. Grixon June 24, 2016
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v. to leave one's body (more specifically, one's spirit leaving the limits of one's body, but not through death, rather through some type of spiritual realization). A verb that appears to have been made up by Frank Zappa, as notably discussed on his song "Absolutely Free" from the 1968 album "We're Only In It for the Money", and perhaps partly related to the real word "discorporation".
"Unbind your mind, there is no time, boin-n-n-n-n-n-g, to lick your stamps, and paste them in, discorporate, and we’ll begin" - Frank Zappa
by hoops gza January 17, 2011
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