Taylor Swift's popular album! Had the most selling records since 50 cent in 2004. Her third album that is so so amazing! The 21-year-old singer/songwriter wrote the entire album on her own and co-produced with longtime collaborator Nathan Chapman, who worked with her on Fearless and her 2006 self-titled debut. Features the single 'Mine'. Absolutely amazing cd!
me: Did you buy the new taylor cd?!!?
you: YESSS! i bought it!
me: whats it called?
you: Speak now!
by taylorswiftt fan January 23, 2011
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When a hot girl is about to go get it on with some other dude and you basically have to act right now before the window of opportunity closes
Dude, The hottest girl in the club's about to leave with that chad over there. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Penis!
by D Flawless November 13, 2019
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Something that dedicated Country/pop star Taylor Swift fans (SWIFTIES) went through when the world tour for Taylors album "speak now" ended and they all missed it and wished it had never ended!.... they wanted the nights to go forever! Long Live Speak Now World Tour!
by LongLiveSwift March 14, 2012
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Refers to where da irate "paw" of a redneck chick is permitted only one opportunity to protest a horny stud's getting his "little pumpkin" preggo before he is permanently barred from demanding a shotgun wedding.
In da infamous "history of da yodel" tale, da enraged farmer unwittingly missed his single chance at recourse against da nameless traveler who had "gotten it on in da hayloft" with both his daughter AND his wife da night before --- said sly seed-spreader simply "had his fun" and then quietly slipped off far away before da man even knew what had happened --- and thus said furious family-head was made a victim of da old "Speak now, or forever hold your piece" scenario.
by QuacksO January 7, 2022
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