2 definitions by Daniel S

1. A song by Yellowcard, the bonus song on "One for the Kids"

2. The thing middle school and high school teachers force you to turn in, which most people, including me, write AFTER the final draft by intentionally inserting errors within the final draft.
1. Man that song Rough Draft by Yellowcard is amazing, I can relate to it so well.

2. Damn that english teacher, she forces us to write a rough draft even if the first time we write it is perfect. Not only that, but she is counting it as 50% of the test grade, what a bitch.
by Daniel S August 8, 2005
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1. The complete collection of recorded music of a specific artist.
-"Do you have any Led Zeppelin albums?"
-"Man, I have their entire discography."
by Daniel S August 8, 2005
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