dank ass vape pen. only for the fanciest of fancy with flavors like 'chai' and 'crema'
dude hit me up with some of that vuse i need a buzz
by roastbeef larson January 9, 2017
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The most pleasurable form of dildo enjoyed by both men and women. The Vuse single-handedly makes Men and Women both stressed out and horny. The buzz from the vuse alto with its 5% menthol usage is good enough to make any human being suck off this delicious product.
Hey Jack could you hand me your vuse?

Sure thing man let me hit it one more time! Let me suck this up and lube it up with my spit for you!

Sick man I’m horny for that vuse!!!
by fratguybob September 28, 2023
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the greatest vape pod to ever exist
someone- yo can you get me a menthol vuse pod?
someone else- yeah bro i got you
by ChristanLoveXoXo June 6, 2023
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