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When having sexual intercourse, just before the girl starts to orgasm, you stick your pinky finger up her ass...when she screams, you stick it in her mouth.
I'm telling you man, if you need to get her off your back, just give her the dirty ivan and you'll be a free man.
by DaBo Baby May 03, 2006
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The action of performing a Dirty Ivan is when the female, while listening to Lady Gaga's song 'Teeth', begins to gyrate her ass around in an erratic pattern, attempting to confuse the male. This tactic is also called Bluffin with her muffin.
If you encounter someone doing a Dirty Ivan, run before you become hypnotized with the 'bluffin with her muffin' technique.
Hey man, this girl I've been fucking totally gave me a Dirty Ivan last night...I think I love her.
by M@tt H@ppens June 07, 2010
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