The term has meant different things over the decades, from an insult towards the 60's founders to Phish Phans who were literally "dirty"and needed a shower. I see it different now.

What I see is someone who is the opposite of "real". Instead growing up and facing themselves with love and acceptance, , they hide behind their ability to manipulate, use, and/or imitate the "hippie" based culture and use it as and excuse to avoid responsibility and accountability on near every level., This character is really just a mooch in a hemp wearing, dreadlock flailing shell. They inevitably wear out their stay everywhere or get discovered for their inconsistency to be honest, true, genuine or self-contolled. Our society makes lots of these now, and while the shell persona may be diffenerent, the issues are still the same. Lack f accountability, and ownership of theri lives leaves them stagnant until they change,
"He was on my couch for 2 months, didn't help out at all, bummed the whole time and then somehow I was and asshole when I caught him stealing some stuff from my wife. No more Dirty Hippies!"
by StonerDudeBuzzingAlon April 27, 2016
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someone who is being natural to their roots and not giving into what society says is right!!!

You don't need to shower everyday to smell good. just spray a little lavender and jump out the door
Dirt Hippy styllliliiingggs :)
Phil is a dirty hippy, he has dreadlocks and talks about peace a lot.
LOOK now he's listening to bob dylan again..

...Also I think the smell of rotting is coming from his hair..
But whatever man he's cool because he embraces his dirtiness!
by phil November 20, 2003
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A "dirty hippie" is more than likely a "neo hippie." They usually have dirty dreads, IF THEY ARE NOT A POSER..They probably dig on the Grateful Dead, Phish, and other cool jam bands. Some are artists. Some are strictly drug users. Some are homeless. Some have Jobs...BUT MOSTLY THEY HAVE SHIRTS THAT CAN STAND UP BY THEMSELVES AFTER PHISH TOUR..Patchouli sadly doesnt cover everything up
Me At one time..and some good phriends of mine...Ya gotta love em'!!!
by Marty Mar August 15, 2005
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Back in the days of the first hippies, uptights (Straights, drones) added "Dirty" in front of "hippie" to try further degredate Free Thinkers. Very simply, the straights started calling Free Thinkers "hippies" and it dinna bother them. So they started calling them "Dirty hippies" to try to get a raise out of them.
That guy asked me if I had a sister who wanted free love. The dirty hippie.
by Old hippie May 7, 2006
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While two parties are eating out each other's ass, one party farts in the second party's mouth.
He gave me a dirty hippy without any warning!
by lukevw22 December 20, 2010
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A chai latte with a shot of espresso. Often made with soymilk but not necessarily.
"What can I get you?" -Barrista
"I'll take a medium dirty hippie." -Customer
"What kind of milk?" -Barrista
"Vanilla soy, please." -Customer
by minteh December 20, 2008
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Most Dirty hippies are complete douches. They believe in earths gift (WEED) and love all music as long as it's not mainstream. you can easily spot them bye their mocha spice cappucino lattes, fake glasses, and their scarfs and hats. If you see one, yell at the top of your lungs PHISH IS SHIT!
you may not understand but they do.

I am not responsible for your injury.
"Get those dirty hippies off my lawn"
by 1201021 February 16, 2016
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