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I just devoured a delicious "Dirty Mac" and it gave me the shits!!!
by dirtymac November 01, 2015
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When you put a Mac and cheese in your girls vagina and cum all over it, then eat it out.
I had the best time last night. My man did a dirty Mac on me.
by Rennystar March 14, 2019
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Dirty mac is a person who loves his mcdonalds and is very dirty minded, the girls know him as Dirty Mac as he never fails to keep it dirty in bed.
Wow i saw Dirty Mac he got me so wet.
by JellyfishFanny July 09, 2016
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Having sex with someone you know is already sleeping with your friend, after your friend introduces you to them
That bitch pulled a dirty mac on me after i introduced her to my new lover.
by Mrs.Bish January 04, 2018
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