A House Slipper refers to a residential contractor, hired hand, maid, domestic services provider or the actual owner or renter of a residential home that willingly avails themselves to sex and sexual favors. The more commonly known contractor House Slippers are maids, the nanny, the pool boy or the cable television installer.

The term House Slipper only applies to a residential setting and is derived from the traditional definition of a Slipper which is a person who is always open to sex, without fail, because they normally slip between partners and will get it on with many people.

In instances when the House Slipper is a contractor, they will provide sex or sexual favors on the owner or renter in return for the owner or renter providing them with additional cash, discretionary tips, special gifts or other considerations.

In instances when the owner or renter is the House Slipper, they will provide sex or sexual favors on the contractor in order to induce the contractor to provide the owner with free or reduced costs for the services, extra services at no charge or other free considerations.
Frank: So Gary, how is the new maid service that you hired? Do they do a good job? I am thinking about hiring a cleaning service. I need the help.
Gary: I highly recommend them Broooo! They clean more than just the floors and sinks.
Frank: How so?
Gary: Let's just say that one of the two maids is a nice House Slipper! She Services me and the upstairs while the other maid works downstairs. For an extra $20 tip, my pole shines just like the bathroom mirrors.
Frank: Sweeeet! Give me the number. I am hiring them today!
by Eaton Holgoode April 17, 2014
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Grandpa's Dirty House Slipper, in keeping with the definition of House Slipper, is the act of an elderly male homeowner engaging in unprotected anal sex with a male residential services provider, i.e., home health aid, lawn care worker, maid, plumber, cable guy, in exchange for the worker to provide free or extra services.
Howard needed his lawn mowed and the shrubs trimmed around his yard. However, his social security check only stretched so far and he could not afford to pay for those services. Therefore, Howard availed himself to sex and performed a Grandpa's Dirty House Slipper with a young male lawn care worker mowing the yard of his neighbor's home. Howard ended up with neatest yard and the best groomed shrubs in the whole community.
by Eaton Holgoode April 26, 2014
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