a group of freshmen sluts at PC that will do anything for sex
"Hey man, i just scored with one of the Dirty Dozen"
by takeonepc January 25, 2004
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An adolescent African-American ritualistic verbal game of reciprocal insult, especially against the opponent's mother.
Malcolm's coming-of-age was marked by regular sessions of playing the dirty dozens.
by Paul Kusinitz January 24, 2003
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A well know ex-biker group originationg in az/maybe calif. led by pappy for many years. The biker group came to an end around 2000? when the hells angels came to phoenix and ?? something like that.
in the 70's and 80's the dirty dozen had a bad reputation for being a cruel biker gang, scum, criminals, rapists, burglery etc. in the 90's they appeared to have mellowed out (or been killed or imprisoned) and even did some runs to benefit charity's. cancer, children disease etc.
Pappy was the head of the dirty dozen, a sweet old man, when I met him.
by nobody in phoenix az June 19, 2009
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A drinking session that begins directly after finishing work and lasts 12 hours, e.g. from 5pm Friday till 5am Saturday morning.
"You look like shit."
"I did the Dirty Dozen straight from work yesterday."
by cobes72 August 8, 2017
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A group of friends who do everything together.
Eat, Drink, Bake, Sleep, Laser Tag, & Mobb, while breaking various laws in the process. Ordinary nights with the dirty dozen may include group sleepovers, midnight rendezvous, and hot boxing.

Fights and hookups can (and will) occur due to excessive contact with one another.
But no matter through good or bad, this kind of friendship is hard to come by, and is usually short-lasting. Nevertheless, the memories made in the short existance of the dirty dozen will always remain.
-"Hey what are you doing tonight?"
-"Doing something random then crashing at Niki's"
-"Oh..I assume with the dirty dozen like always..."
by RIPtheDirtyDozen September 15, 2009
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Dirty dozen Sunday is when you and your buddies each lock themselves into a room and beat off 12 times before leaving the room. Common side effects are extreme highs, extreme lows, apathy, excitement, shooting blanks, hatred of women, and of course, extreme chaffing. Most commonly done by frat boys, porn addicts, professors, businessmen, Chinese people and nerds.
Dude 1 to Chick 1: We're organizing a Dirty dozen sunday, you want in?
Chick 1 to Dude 1: I hate you guys.

Dude 1 to Chick 1: Sorry, I can't sleep with you for at least 2 weeks, I rubbed my penis raw yesterday.
Chick 1 to Dude 1: I hate you guys.
by Ejaculaxor March 12, 2008
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