A little turd no larger than that of a golf ball. Can also be as small as a peanut. The exact opposite of a Titanic. Often closely related to dingle berries.
I thought I had to take a mammoth shit but it turned out to be just a dingy!
by Snakepit Sean WNB May 16, 2007
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A word teenagers use when they want to confuse people, or tell them they're sexy.
Mallorie said:"TAYLOR, YOU'RE SO DINGY!"
Taylor said:"WTF?"
Mallorie said:"That's a good thing! ;D"
Taylor said:"Oh...well then...I guess we be coolio ;D"
by Mallorie Johnston March 26, 2008
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a word used for a scuzzy dirty ginger female
the lead singer of florence and the machine, julianne moore, cate blancett(before she hid her ginger roots), and the ultimate dingy ginger girl?......lindsey lohan
by boretta June 26, 2010
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a water pipe used for smoking..

a small boat attached to a larger boat.
Hey Johnny, pass me the dingy

we could take the dingy to shore
by sapporo ichiban December 21, 2003
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Scottish adjective meaning fake, temporary, throwaway, etc. Can probably be applied to anything of utility (cup, phone, car) but most commonly used to describe email addresses or myspace profiles and the like.
I made up a dingy account on myspace just for stalking and spamming.

I set up two dingy webmail accounts to test my spambot.

Your motor is a dingy!
by cs_testes May 09, 2009
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