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Dingy - Scottish Slang to ignore someone.
You get the occasional normal person who says it.
Or if people aren't listening to you.. or ignoring you you can shout "DINGYED!"
Jamie: Fuck.. Paul's coming over to us.. lets just say Hi then dingy him
Sean: Good, Paul is a fanny :\

Claire: So guys.. Wanna go see a movie later?
Group of Claire's friends: *Ignores* *Talks about pointless things*
Claire: Ahem..? *Ignored* :o DINGYED! :/
Group of Friends: Oh.. Sorry Claire..
by Spongochild December 31, 2008
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A noobish game that teens play.. they fight and get swords and other random things.. In order to pass the tutorial you need to cook shrimp and do other stuff..

It's addictive
Girl: Hey uhm.. You wanna go out later?
Boy: Can't Im trying to get onto Level 87 on Runescape..
Girl: That game is so gay..
Boy: You said Runescape was gay? I HATE YOU! I never wanna see you again!

Person 1: ..I just went on Runescape >.<
Person 2: Fuck me, even Habbo is better than Runescape!
by Spongochild December 31, 2008
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Chandler, the character in friends who is the "funny" one and always has something sarcastic to say.
1. Sarcastic
2. Terrible with girls
Random person: He was being such a chandler, making fun of my hair.

Girl 1: God i hate him! He's such a chandler!
Girl 2: He's a chandler in bed too.

Boy 1: Dude, stop being a chandler and get some new pick up lines!
Boy 2: The only Chandler here is you, cos' you made fun of my Mom!
by Spongochild December 31, 2008
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