Slang for Asian, particularly Chinese vagina
I'm goin to Flora's place for some dim sum if you know what I mean! *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
by dim sum = yum October 01, 2009
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a very very aggressive asian that kicks people that is in his a way.
heyyy dimsum, come out and pplllaayyyy
by ted August 14, 2004
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A obnoxious nick name given to an chinese person whose last name is "Sum"
Hey "insert first name" Sum I really want to go for some Dim Sum right now. Hey your last name is Sum I should call you DIM SUM
by catlover74 May 08, 2010
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Hot/sexy/sex worthy male. A guy who you would like to grab, as he goes by, just like you'd grab chinese food at a dim-sum restaurant as it goes by on a cart.
Setting: Street-hot pavement middle of July, sweatiness and skimpy clothing abounds. Characters: You and an amazingly beautiful man who happens to catch you eye. You say "Dim-Sum!" in appreciation of this fact.
by samara January 05, 2005
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