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woman who is a slut
Lindsey Trett
by Samara April 26, 2003

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a full of themselves tart that blends in with all the other preppy people. They also don't realise how preppy they are, even if you show them this definition or any of the other definitions.
"wow these definitions are really cool"
by samara March 25, 2004

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1.HORSE MEAT is the best band in the whole world.
3.Samara is in the well, and she's gonna eat you, but i love her, and i love vance
by samara April 18, 2003

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Hot/sexy/sex worthy male. A guy who you would like to grab, as he goes by, just like you'd grab chinese food at a dim-sum restaurant as it goes by on a cart.
Setting: Street-hot pavement middle of July, sweatiness and skimpy clothing abounds. Characters: You and an amazingly beautiful man who happens to catch you eye. You say "Dim-Sum!" in appreciation of this fact.
by samara January 05, 2005

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