she was so fresh from a vingear douche she tasted like a dill hole
by annemarie January 17, 2003
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to explain this to you properly, I have to set up a scenario. ok, so lets say I had a dildo..which hole would I put it in? my dillhole!!! also used for "dill pickles" because pickes look like green weiners..where would you put a green weiner? your dillhole! so basically, its an insulting insult BECAUSE..a dil hole smells like dying fish. no one wants to smell like a dying fish.
1.oh my god, so last night I stuck a penicil in my dillhole and had to go to the emergency room.
2.you smell like dillhole. do you wash with diljuice? hmm?! do you?!? fuck off.
3.no I dont like it up the dilLhole. I have five bucks AND ITS GOING IN MY ASS HOLE.
4.ok, so instead of playing duck duck goose,lets play weiner weiner dillhole.
by leixoch April 23, 2008
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the way in which u r a complete ass! dillholes r stupid giraffe lovers hu empty more sack than santa
beavis u dillhole
that dillhole stole my dorito
by mark sutton February 04, 2004
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All persons with no common sense or ability to adapt to a functional pace of life.
After driving in Seattle, this word just came to me.
by HMT January 26, 2005
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a sex toy filling the same requirements as a dildo for a girl but for men assentially a plstic/rubber vagina that losers that cant pick up a girl on a friday night use
the man was lonely so he used a dillhole to satisfy himself
by patman noldawg October 13, 2007
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