When someone rapes a person using their finger or fingers.

The act of using your fingers to violate and force a sexual and violent act upon an unwilling victim.

To be fingered without consent.

To put yer fingers in someone's puss when yer not suppose to!

To force electrical equipment up someone.
A Masseur was jailed for digital rape under the Victorian Crimes Act for fingering one of is clients without her consent.
by The Moody Poet October 2, 2006
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When a whore accuses a man for rape because he simply watched a public porn video of her online without consent.
Guy: Yo I busted a huge load to this bitch on pornhub the other day
Guy 2: You better be careful. With feminism taking over bitches can now accuse you of Digital Rape for watching a porn video of them without consent.
Guy: WTF? How is it rape if i'm watching them from the other side of the fucking world?
by Killmizi August 14, 2019
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When someone gangstalks another person under the false belief they are able to steal their internet influence.
My digital rape left me without the ability to access real-life without interference from those who are trying to gain my internet influence. They exposed my most private data without my consent in order to mentally and emotionally abuse me.
by Anymouse83 November 27, 2020
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