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The intention, systematic killing of digital pets. Done so via abusing digital pets, overfeeding them, or by simply resetting the handheld ones.
23:10 perragorn: This Mark Fagan kid let me play with his for a few minutes and i fed it like 90 meals in 4 minutes so it died
23:11 perragorn: and he was like "awwwww my friend was going to give me 10 dollars if I raised it the right way."
23:11 Nathan: lol
23:11 Nathan: hahahahahaa
23:11 Nathan: hahahaha
23:11 Nathan: ahahahahha
23:11 Nathan: ahahahaha
23:11 Nathan: ahah
23:11 Nathan: ah
23:11 Nathan: ahaha
23:11 Nathan: ha
23:11 perragorn: Like that?
23:11 Nathan: digicide!!!
by desPERRYado April 14, 2006
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The killing of one human being by another human being digitally, by use of a computer or other devices.
Though very uncommon by todays standards, acts of digicide may become more prevalent as technology progresses.
The suspect was later charged with three counts of digicide in the first degree.

After becoming trapped in the virtual reality game, supporting character B became a digicide victim at the hands of main antagonist A.
by Matt_The_Creator June 22, 2012
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Suicide due to stress from the work load at Digipen Institute of Technology.
Person1 : Did you hear about our teammate Timmy, he tried to commit digicide?
Person2 : I'm not surprised he hadn't slept in 2 days.
by hazer456 May 03, 2016
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