Affectionate term for the Australian combat soldier. The term originated during the Gallipoli Penisula campaign, where digging protective trenches was a comonplace activity.
Those Aussie diggers are tough mofos in combat.
by DJ Asman April 1, 2006
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John put a digger right in his lip.
by hcodude194 May 1, 2009
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Shit bro, i got 15 days in the digger for smashing that goof on c range.
by link74 October 9, 2008
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A person so large that fat hangs over thier genitals. The term digger comes from the act of digging through the fat to get to the gentitals while hooking up with a fatty.
Oh man Sami was such a digger, I had to move like four fat rolls to get to her pussy.
by uncle tommy July 29, 2009
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n. an event where an individual so severely impacts a natural surface that they effectively dig into the ground
commonly used as part of a vast culture of extreme sports jargon. Example: "I saw you fly over the handlebars, that was an insane digger"
by Julius S November 19, 2007
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someone who works hard and constant - not necessarily at labourous work but at any work. Someone who has alot of drive
that boy gets right in there , hes a real digger man.
by paydayz January 21, 2007
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People who spend all their time on or at affiliated events.
My brother is the biggest nerd, he and his digger friends are watching Diggnation again.
by Pinkzone July 1, 2009
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