A word meme'd by the twitch community of Destiny, when an unnamed bot exclaimed "Is that a Didlo!?". It will never be forgotten, much like Dre.
Is that a Didlo?
That's a nice Didlo
by AgeOfZac May 1, 2016
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refers to someone who did JLo
usage: he didlo last night
by ann- February 8, 2008
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1. a dildo used on men/a jiggalo
i used a didlo to screw my best friend :
by Lain Iwakura September 20, 2004
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didlo is the ebay version of dildo, if you shove it up yer arse yer probably getting an std. sorry pal
ebay cunt: selling didlos fur 2 quid each!
you: aw hvy geez wan
ebay cunt: here ye gonpal
you: wait, a saw bigfatgreencocks post aboot didlos! am no taking aht hing anymare al get gonarehha.
ebay cunt: naww! screw you bigfatgreencock!
by mybigfatgreencock September 17, 2023
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