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To be so hypnotized by (or obsessed with) a guy's dick that a girl/guy will let them do crazy things and they think nothing is wrong with it
Jill got so dickmitized by that unemployed guy who smokes pot and sleeps on the beach that she let him borrow her car for a month and he drove it into the ocean.
by Mr. Cynical DC July 31, 2010
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Definition 1: When the dick is so good, you're not able to sleep, or function without it, and you can't wait have it other words a man's dick game it so good you are literally hypnotized by it.

Definition 2: A state where as a female may become attached to a male counterpart after sexual intercourse, because his pipe game is unbelievably good...ultimately leading to instant arrousal when said man is in their presence.
"Zaddy layed the pipe so good that he got me dickmitized ."
by Redd_bandit619 February 04, 2017
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