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A very attractive yet slutty girl who loves sex.
"Hey you know Kayla right?"

"Yea, why, what about her?"
"She's a major dickjacker bro."

"Oh yea? How do you know?"

"She broke my bed over the weekend, no joke. And the other day Cody told me she messed around with a lot of guys.

"That's a shame. She Was hot."
by pseudobro August 27, 2011
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Dick-jackers: men who post nudes of women online for the sake of helping other men jack off or to hear, “you’re the goat, bro.” Probably loved getting hazed in college because it gave them a sense of inclusion. Also the first to offer their asshole in prison.
That dickjacker always come through kissing ass. That’s not my nigga though.
by Yourmomshouldaswallowed October 25, 2018
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