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A piece of neckware that is supposed to simulate an undershirt, so that one only has to wear the dickie and an overshirt. Were very popular in the sixties, due to the Beatle's use of them. They were mostly starched and bleached, and meant to look like a sweatshirt. The Beatles used them so they wouldn't overheat while performing, but could still look dressed up.
I thought my Starfleet uniform came with one of those cool blue undershirts, but all I got was dickie.
by ElCapitan October 25, 2004
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A self captured image of one's own private (male) member, taken by oneself using a digital camera or some other imaging device for posterity or sharing on various social or private platforms. To be shared by solicitation or as a method of advertising of your own personal endowment.
I was tindering with this bomb ass hoe, to feel out if she was DTF; so I sent her a dickie.

She replied back "nahhhhhhhh" Dont want no short tort man.
by srbeach3185 March 30, 2017
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At Phillips Exeter Academy, in lieu of detention, for skipping a class, something known as a dickie is given, which has no real effect until three are accumulated, at which point one is punished with early curfew and suspended priviledges.
Supposedly from an old headmaster known for giving out a good deal of punishments.
When I skipped my English class, I managed to get out of getting a dickie by telling my teacher I was in the health center sleeping even though I was actually watching a movie with my buddies in the common room.
by Gala August 14, 2004
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A hickie on somones dick.
1. A dick*ie
"How was your weekend?"
"I'll let my dickie answer that question."
(Pulls down pants)
"Ew! Dude come on!"
by Kay69 February 01, 2009
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a lazy sob, who does nothing but sit on his ass all day, drink 4 liter of coke at a time, and complains that he has nothing to do ever
quit being such a fucking dickie and get off your ass
by axl August 14, 2004
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