A piece of neckware that is supposed to simulate an undershirt, so that one only has to wear the dickie and an overshirt. Were very popular in the sixties, due to the Beatle's use of them. They were mostly starched and bleached, and meant to look like a sweatshirt. The Beatles used them so they wouldn't overheat while performing, but could still look dressed up.
I thought my Starfleet uniform came with one of those cool blue undershirts, but all I got was dickie.
by ElCapitan October 25, 2004
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a lazy sob, who does nothing but sit on his ass all day, drink 4 liter of coke at a time, and complains that he has nothing to do ever
quit being such a fucking dickie and get off your ass
by axl August 14, 2004
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Long hollow glass tube with a hollow ball on the end. There is a hole in the ball that acts as a air inlet. you would use a dickey to vaporize a material. Also called a "liquid incense burner" but more commonly known and used for smoking methamphetamines, more specifically glass.
"Do you got a dickey?"
"Who's got a dickey?"
"Gimme that dickey."
by RtotheG November 04, 2004
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Howdy, I reckon that's a nice dickie you've got around your neck.
by R to the V July 29, 2009
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The correct term for when a person takes a dick pic.
Jessica: Josh just sent me a snap.
Sarah: Open it!
Jessica: Oh my gosh it's a dickie.
by jammiees December 05, 2020
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being a general let down, ANTI-LAD, hypocrite. generally mal-coordinated and merely in the 'gym' team

An "Alex Dickie" is a more specific case. The Alex Dickie is characterised by its smaller hands to aid it in its scavenging duties. This is the product of millions of years of natural selection, the closest known animal is the vulture which is renowned for feeding off other animals prey.

With these refined Scanvenging skills it tends to work alone. merely using/piggybacking other people as either bait or real hunters
Jon: hey bro whats up

Nikias: not much, I just thought i was a bit of an alex dickie

last night

Jon: what? why?

Nikias: I turned up 4 hours late, jewed off everyone for drink and money then criticised them all evening.

oh and then I went home to snuggle with my girlfriend.

Jon: you're a Dick
by COCCCKIIIIIE May 29, 2012
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