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"I waited the whole time to see the verdict and then they just dick wolfed me!"

"Oh, Detective Stabler, even though your show just dick wolfed me, I still love you!"
by danny boyyyy October 08, 2006
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To get roped into another episode of Law and Order by the opening scene that immediately follows the previous episode.
"I swore to myself I'd start my paper after the first episode, but I kept getting Dick Wolfed by the SVU marathon."
by thebetterfriend2 December 06, 2011
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When a movie or TV show leaves you hanging; wondering what happened. No real ending or conclusion to a story.
Wait, what happened.?!? I just watched a three hour movie and totally got Dick Wolfed.!!
by emmmmers June 01, 2016
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When you get terrible news, and just when you thought it couldn't get worse, something even worse happens referring to how Law and Order: SVU always seems to end with a scenario worse than what they started out on.
Person 1:"Jenna got sexually assaulted last night, luckily they caught the guy who did it. Turns out he has AIDs and she's probably pregnant, too."

Person 2: "Man, she really got Dick Wolfed there."
by d00mie March 28, 2011
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A cliffhanger. When you are left with your jaw dropped in awe. Named after the creator of Law & Order whose name appears at the abrupt end of (the) episode.
The homeless man claimed he gave me a banana, and just walked off. He's either trolling or I got Dick Wolfed.
by 2BBaber September 01, 2013
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