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When a dude pulls his dick out of his partners mouth and smacks it across their face.
"After my girlfriend was done giving me a blowjob, I pulled my dick out, smacked here across the face with it, and she was dick smacked".
by Double G Dog November 23, 2013
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Basically, this is what happens when you get a guy’s pants off to blow him and his boner springs out and smacks you in the face.
Girl 1: I finally blew Matt for the first time.
Girl 2: Oooooh, girl! How was it?
Girl 1: Well, it was kinda awkward at first. There I was, on my knees, already nervous for obvious reasons...
Girl 2: *laughing sheepishly* Oh no...what happened?
Girl 1: His cock was bigger than I expected, so when I pulled his pants down, next thing you know, BAM! Dick smacked, right in the nose.
Girl 2: Goddamn it!
Girl 1: Yeah...I still did it of course, and he liked it, but not before he laughed at me for DAYS.
by ZoeTheWhovian October 26, 2017
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