The opposite of a chick flick. Movies that include raunchy humor, an abundance of sex jokes, and/or people doing dumb, pointless things that appeal to a wide range of the male audience.
Teresa: Hey Jenny, let's go see Step Brothers. I hear it's really funny.

Jenny: No way, girl. That's a total dick flick.
by cobalt-symphony May 08, 2010
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A movie that has more violence, explosions and/ or cleavage than it does a plot. This is the opposite of a 'chick flick' which has more fluffy, emotional content than plot.
Michal Bay only directs dick flicks.
by fake leather shoes February 24, 2010
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1. The term for a film where the heart-broken male is the leading role in the movie, as opposed to chick flick where the heart-broken female is the leading role.

2. Any Judd Apatow movie.
The new Sex and the city movie is a chick flick...Forgetting Sarah Marshall is definitely a Dick-Flick.
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A movie mainly meant for men, usually involves a hero going up against various bad guys and winning.
Die Harder is a real dick-flick.
by Netnuevo December 04, 2007
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A pornographic film involving all dicks and no chicks
"When I'm alone and horny I go on the internet and jack off to a dick flick."


"I got this awesome role in a dick flick where I take one up the ass while sucking one off"
by EvolRewop August 28, 2008
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Also known as a "Dick Slap". A game similarly to "tag" or "got you last". Predominately played among middle-school and high-school students, and in some cases in later job experience when working with immature people. The object is to catch your opponent off guard with the back of your hand in the genital region, with a quick "flick" like action of the wrist. Be aware that you may leave yourself open for a dick flick of your own.
Jeff: "Hey what is wrong with Ben?"
Mike: "Oh I just got him with a dick flick"
Jeff: "Ouch man that's harsh"
Mike: "Yeah he won't be getting up anyti..."
Mike: "Ow"
Jeff: "Hurst doesn't it?"
by Ghedi Onizuka August 10, 2007
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