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The brown crap overwhelming smelly yellow bits of sweetcorn that hasnt seen daylight for over 12- 13 years Like when you sit on the toilet struggling for life taking out that aggression on thinking about Osama binladen until *poof* it squirms out like a waterfall or tap that never switches off.. steamy hot and consumed well for days! And atlast you finish, releived! Thank god!
In other words... diahorrea
by I.Tehpwner.I August 29, 2006
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1.Pressing matter.
2.Brown crap, not really poop but comes outta your asshole anyways, that shoots out your butt whether you're ready or not.
-He can't come 'cause he has diahorrea
-I told him he shouldn't eat shit off the ground!
by Jaden_Aye May 12, 2009
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