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When you poke somebody particularly hard in the arm with your index finger whilst shouting at the top of your lungs "devil finger!!!!"

NOTE: a "double devil finger" can also be applied, particularly if the person is a bit of a bastard; in which case you simply repeat the actions above whilst using both index fingers
Person 1: *sits down*

You: *pokes in the arms hard* "DEVIL FINGER!!!!"

Person 1: *glare*
by Tegan ^__^ April 19, 2007
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1) To pester somebody annoyingly by shouting "Devil Finger" like a retard and constantly hit them with ur fingers. If you want to get on somebodys nerves it works however there is a chance they'll think your a spazz and beat you up. If your lucky they'll be scared of your retardedness and run away.

2) To devilishly finger a woman and give her the best finger of her life while shouting "DEVIL FINGER!". This is not done with passion but with agression. Infact so much that it hurts the victim instead of exciting them. You'd be surprised though, girls love getting devil fingered!
1) Mikey: Devil Finger!
Jay: MMkay?
Mikey: Devil Finger!
Jay: *Punches Mikey* STFU!
Mikey: Devil Finger!
Jay: Man this guys a retard! *Runs for his life*

2) James: Devil Finger! *Fingers the womans pussy*
Boratina: Ouch! That hurt you bastard. I like! Its very nice!
by Bob Loserlol January 23, 2008
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