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spermatozoa, 'come', goo, 'hot drops' (e.t.c.) reproductive effluent discharged by the male. (often intertwined with feeble or non-existent logic) release of 'political prisoners' encapsulated by two round spheres encapsulated in a 'sack'.

known as devil drops due to the torment experienced by the male as regards to obeying 'commands' by the DNA to facilitate travel/housing for same. cerebral torture within a 'political' spectrum!
she wouldn't 'let him off', so he went home frustrated!, somewhat later he had devil drops leaping out of his 'crank'!!

she vigorously ground devil drops out of his 'crank'! forgetting his 'prophos', he said a mental 'prayer' they wouldn't 'take'!!

devil drops have many a stong man between a rock and a hard place!!

the male effluent, spermatozoa, or 'poison'; potentially clouding judgement, existing to drive the male ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!
by michael foolsley March 31, 2014
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