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The proper way to spell the second half of the amazing band known as Mega'deth'.
Megadeth was awesome back when the vocalist had a drug problem.
by TehJahManCometh February 06, 2010
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deth is not a retarted way to spell death, it is a name used to measure radiation (like meters, volts and shizzle), megadeth is 1000000 deth =/
and is also a pun on death, making the name rugged and cool
"whoa the radiation is high in here, its above 100000000000 deth"
by GoNzZo October 30, 2004
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no, it is death... a megadeath: one million deaths (as resulting from a single discharge of a weapon, like a bomb)

a contraction of megadeth used by metalheads with a shortage of time.
Dude, did you go to the 'deth show last night?

Death? Isn't Chuck dead?

Yeah, isn't that ironic?

by the Hanging Chad May 09, 2005
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Megadeth's dyslexic spelling of Death
You wanna see Blak Sab-ith or Mowtore hed? Nah, I prefer Megadeth
by dumbass May 26, 2003
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The way a lazy metalhead named dave mustaine spelt death because he was unwilling to conform to current spelling specifications and trying to prove himself a badass. Though this did not work, and we know he is very girly, we excuse him because he does have the power to shred guitar. Also, it did catch on in his bands name megadeth. Now deth can be used to refer to music that is incrediby heavy and full of raging wild solos with no particular structure and are just a display of how fast one can play their guitar and how far up the neck they can do it. This is all backed by thick, crunchy, fast, palm-muted rhythms, loud unnintellegible singing/growling, and double-bass so fast and loud you will puke blood and evacutate your body of all fluids and eventually your head will explode. This is known to happen while listening to megadeth, and it is also common for these effects to happen while listening to the band dethklok.
"Did you hear about that guy who died?"
"Yeah, his head exploded because his music was too deth."
"Ahh, sweet".
by suspensefuldeath May 02, 2009
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