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The proper way to spell the second half of the amazing band known as Mega'deth'.
Megadeth was awesome back when the vocalist had a drug problem.
by TehJahManCometh February 06, 2010
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deth is not a retarted way to spell death, it is a name used to measure radiation (like meters, volts and shizzle), megadeth is 1000000 deth =/
and is also a pun on death, making the name rugged and cool
"whoa the radiation is high in here, its above 100000000000 deth"
by GoNzZo October 30, 2004
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The most badass way to spell death.
I hear that lava to the face causes deth.
by CDBrewer January 19, 2009
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1. In heavy metal culture, is a recurring written form of the word 'death'
2. Same as "death"
by crownermorr December 12, 2019
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no, it is death... a megadeath: one million deaths (as resulting from a single discharge of a weapon, like a bomb)

a contraction of megadeth used by metalheads with a shortage of time.
Dude, did you go to the 'deth show last night?

Death? Isn't Chuck dead?

Yeah, isn't that ironic?

by the Hanging Chad May 09, 2005
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You wanna see Blak Sab-ith or Mowtore hed? Nah, I prefer Megadeth
by dumbass May 26, 2003
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