a way of turning salt water into fresh drinkable water.
e.g jack got some fresh water to drink at the desalination plant.
by urlocalcrackhead420 August 29, 2019
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When blood from a woman's menstrual cycle is recycled to it's purest form to be employable for donation. This includes the filtration of the lining of the uterus, and other matter that is discharged from the vagina, that is not part of the usable blood.
Dave's girlfriend is on her period. She can help save a lot of lives if she donates her blood by hemovaginal desalination.
by Dr. Darrell Johnson April 16, 2008
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the process of removing salt, esp from sea water so that it can be used for drinking or irrigation
I want to desalination seawater
by hilllorisme December 13, 2017
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