opposite of improved, duh.
the new office is a major deprovement over the old one. but at least it's high up so i can jump out the window and kill myself
by alexis negro June 3, 2008
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(noun) Antonym of "improvement." Worse than before, degrading, slipping, etc.
I can't say this report is an improvement or a deprovement.
by H-Man, yet again October 8, 2010
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The antonym of improve. Making something worse.
Bob was the most deproved at poker making him an easy target.

The Web 2.0 upgrade turned out to be a big deprovement.
by Joe191919 October 15, 2007
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v.the lessing or worsening of skills.
Opposite of improving.
Jeffs scorpion punching skills have deproved since last years competition.
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To change something and make it worse.
Our company deproved the credit card reconciliation software. The accountants have been crying ever since.
by Data wrangler December 16, 2016
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To lose ALL ability of a talent or skill you once possesed...
Some D-1 Basketball programs deprove thoughout the season...see MD Basketball...
by Disgusted Terp March 5, 2011
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