Denzil is a understanding person who cares for himself and others around him. He is talented in many ways and will show some emotion(more emotion is shown around his friends). Denzil is a person whom you can trust and will have many friends. He is also a kind hearted person whom loves animals and many people can relate too. He is outgoing academically( so he is smart). Usually skinny Denzil can eat quite a bit(I don't know why I'm taking about how he eats),(Just adding it in there Denzil has a big penis ranging from ___ inches to ______ inches)
Denzil is cool
by Denzil . December 01, 2017
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buy the domain for your diy blog
tubby fucktard that sucks at checkers... but i love him really
omg denzil u dumb bastard.... you had a double jump
by KiT0r October 05, 2003
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