When you go from one life style to a lesser one. When you lose something you had, or just ptfed.
Noid: Where do I sleep?
Sis: On the floor matress in the cats room
by foug June 19, 2003
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When your boss gives you a "promotion", which entails more work-- but in all reality you make far less pay for what you're doing and takes up far more time.
Example: Al's giving out pro demotions today, don't take the job!
by Hahagirl89 August 26, 2015
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A move from a preferred cublicle to a not so preferred cubicle.
Bob realized his new move was a cubicle demotion when he was moved from the window view to a wall view.
by bplumeau May 13, 2009
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When the boss needs somebody to do a bullshit job such as a task force or any form of employee committee, but doesn't actually have a real charter for it. Since he can't staff it fulltime, he insists being asked is an honor and volunteers you to work after hours and weekends. The task is usually designated a "special project" with all kinds of BS hoopla. It usually involves no additional pay and little recognition. WTF?!
“Hey Shawn. Did you hear Rachel just received a promotion demotion from her corporate office today? The dumb bitch was so excited she didn’t realize all it meant was more work and zero compensation.”
by rachel_atl1 March 26, 2009
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A term used in an IRC channel #Community. It means to royally own someone by banning and demoting them from community. Also known as "Get rid of this idiot"
by Red December 12, 2004
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when a compact disk your taste is offended by, or due to the fact that they are becoming outmoded, is relegated to coffee table stain prevention status aka ctsps.
I found a cd that was so hideous i had to buy it just so I could shame it by forcing it into a slave life of coaster demotion and hold drinks until it breaks.
by provider44 January 18, 2010
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