10 definitions by missingno_kekw

1. anything than can go wrong, will go wrong
2. if there's multiple way something will go wrong, it'll go wrong in the worst way possible
3. if you'll thought of 4 ways the thing will go wrong, it'll go wrong in the 5th way
4. if you try to play some video games in secret, urmom will find out
my mom found me out playing games thanks to the murphy's law
by missingno_kekw March 7, 2022
An incredibly p2w server which gives donators ability to kick people from bedwars game and you can pay for items in bedwars games and OP shit in survival
"Do u play seksin?"
"Then ur fucktarded L"
by missingno_kekw March 24, 2022
A beggar walk into a bank asking for free money, If u dont give it ur done.
A guy do a bank robbery and polices dont do shit about it
by missingno_kekw March 6, 2022
YouTube does this to random channel for saying "heck" or for no reason at all to increase their revenue lol
wtf i got demonetization for saying "heck" but bots that says nsfw stuff in my comment didnt get any punishment
by missingno_kekw May 2, 2022
or IGoByLotsOfNames a fucking hypixel skyblock tryhard and youtuber that do free 2nfg campaign and do hypixel skyblock
he is nutorious for his low-budget style editing and tts usage in his youtube vid
fuck igblon
by missingno_kekw February 14, 2022
A very based server owned by ParrotX2 and if u kill someone u steal their heart
by missingno_kekw March 7, 2022
1. a minecraft coding platform similar to roblox, where u can make ur own game with it coding system
2. a minecraft server owned by swiftadviser and lokha and krutovoy
3. a toxic mess
by missingno_kekw February 27, 2022