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Someone who is a master of their own delusions to the point where they exist in the dual planes of true and false realities, often exhibiting extreme mood swings resulting from the conflicts of planar coexistence and living in an impenetrable state of constant denial. The delusionist often has a hard time interpreting non-verbal communication, and in some extreme cases, straight-forward verbal communication, when it contradicts their false reality. Along with their failure to take even the most obvious of hints, they often have a high opinion of themselves and are obsessed with keeping their ego over-inflated to compensate for their numerous inadequacies. In an effort to illustrate some degree of normalcy, and to offset his or her frequent visitations to the false reality when relating to a particular subject matter, the delusionist will have a tendency to point out and/or over-emphasize any incident or situation that is merely a mediocrity in the true reality.
He's been talking about that pipe-dream for years without making a bit of progress, yet with all the things he's presently juggling, he thinks he's gonna make that happen now? Wow! That boy there is a delusionist!
by YwouldItrickUagains June 20, 2011
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A person who lives in a fantasy world where all constructs are a manifestation of his own delusions, lies and fabrications. One who has no grip on reality ans lives a life full of lies. Often propelled to falsely accuse and judge people, mixing his own twisted perception of his reality. He believes he is superior to everyone else and creates havoc and destruction in other people's livesfor his own self fish entertainment and pleasure. Pain equals pleasure for him. Another's pain that is. Especially people who are happy. The happiest he feels is when he is th cause of hurt and destruction I another's life. A truly unstable, mentally unstable and dangerous human being. Has no capacity to love. Obsession is not love. Obsession leads to destruction. Love leads to passion and happiness. This is something the delusionist will never understand
Delusionist equals a menace to the goodness of humanity
by love_maiden July 13, 2014
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People who see ghosts, believe in gods, or generally have unverifiable visions.
Look at all of those delusionists waiting for their turn to go to hell.
by Lord Snarebottom November 16, 2010
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