A stubbornly deluded idiot, one who refuses to acknowledge their errors. Blind in the face of evidence, and prepared to make any claim that would support their argument, no matter how outlandish.
"People who disagree with my opinions threaten my children with death on a daily basis. That's how right I am."

"James, you're such a delingpole."
by oxford english dick February 5, 2012
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Verb. To cite academic nobodies or frauds in an unrelated field to back up one's position in an online argument.

First used by the British journalist and curmugeon Rod Liddle in The Spectator Magazine (UK) 4th December 2021. Refers to the flakey right-wing You-tuber and narcissist (and incidentally the magazine's film critic) James Delingpole.
"Subjected to even the mildest query many of these people immediately began to delingpole. That is with great fury, the started citing hugely eminent figures from the world of science who have proved their standpoint correct, such as Radu Ionescu, a reader in mental illness from the Central polytechnic of Chisanau who once wrote an article saying polar bears were becoming extinct because there was too much ice around. Most of these people are on the political right of the 'Everything They Tell You Is Lies' brigade'.
by The Eton Soggy-biscuit December 5, 2021
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An individual suffering from delusions of intellectual adequacy.
I tried talking about evolution to a young earth creationist the other day. Man, he was a serious delingpole.
by PaddyMcG February 23, 2012
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A long, thin appendage of truth upon which false prophets are gibbeted for the amusement of the thinking public.

From James Delingpole, British newspaper columnist and anti-global warming alarmist.
In a perfect world, Al Gore would be tied to the highest delingpole on the outskirts of town, as a warning to those who seek to profit from public hysteria.
by minamisan September 14, 2011
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