Rhyming slang for a 'piddle'.
"Hang around, will you, I'm desperate for a Rod Liddle."
by GlenDragon April 17, 2009
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An odious, untalented, bigoted, low-level Sunday Times journalist. His sole contribution to the journalism world equates to sly digs at Crystal Palace FC, as well as incitement to violence by celebrating the Eric Cantona kick. He has a limp penis, which he use viagra to cure, in order to have affairs with his sectretary. He engages in buggery with Nazis such as Nick Griffin and Danny Baker. He pretends to support Millwall although he's never been to a match.
Rod Liddle is a rude, ignorant, pig
by Derek Geary May 4, 2006
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Rod Liddle is a talented writer whose Spectator columns are always a good read, even if one doesn't always share the man's views: surely the mark of a good journalist.
The venomous entry in this dictionary was clearly written by someone who has no style: you don't say childish things about a man in writing. Have the courage to tell them to his face.
British journalism,The Spectator, Rod Liddle
by Spectator reader April 19, 2009
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