deland is a town in volusia county florida. it is nestled between the asscrack of daytona beach and the dangling hemroids of orlando.

deland has one norman rockwell style downtown section surrounded by fucktons of open-air crack markets. deland is for hippies, wiggers, old people, illegal south american immigrants, and people who can't find deltona.
guy: hey, i just got here from ohio, do you know where i can buy crack?

other guy: "yeah, just go anywhere in deland"
by preston, of course March 24, 2011
A beautiful and smart girl. Helps out her friends no matter what. And would always stay your side even if you annoy her. Don’t treat her bad treat like she is a princess. She will be the you will want keep.
Adrianna: Thank you for being with me Delande.
Delande: No problem Bestie.
by Dri1415 April 25, 2019
"delander" -- dell-an-der
Noun: a highly uncommon given name, usually partnered with an even less-common surname
Verb: a colloquial term meaning to lie for someone -- the degree of dishonesty can vary, but generally the person being lied for is a friend or ally of the person lying.
Noun: Oh, her name is Delander Melhuish!* How uncommon and kind of strange is that.

Verb: I had to delander for you. You owe me, big.

*Names are changed for anonymity.
by Matthew123456 May 11, 2011
A guy who is fun and spontaneous. Transparent and honest. He's very fun, charming, and hilarious. If you meet him, you will always remember him. Some consider him to be a warlock, so prepare for his mischievous black magic. Appearance is that of a lovable bear with fantastic hair and the youthful exuberance of an adolescent boy.
Hold me Deland, you cute lovable sonuvabitch!
by Xenjutsu June 26, 2019
Deland is located about 30 west of Daytona. Deland is known for having some of the fakest people nastiest bitches and some of the biggest whore! HOW FUN 😁! Deland is also know for having people who try to act like people they aren’t! Petty and man stealing hoes who like to start drama for no damn reason!

So come visit good ole deland to get in a fight or lose your fucking mind and drag a bitch!

(Watch out for the boys they all look the same and will do anything for pussy! All known for vaping and trying to steal girls from their boyfriends)
G: “Let’s go to deland
B: “are you kidding me it’s a shit town”
by Dickerson.ster April 5, 2022
Tyler very cute. He can be sarcastic a lot of the time, or say things he don't really mean. They have a short temper, and fight for what they believe in. Don't let him fall in love with you, because once he does, you're all he think about. He can't get enough of you. But, he is the perfect guy. He will treat you with respect, and give you what you deserve. He will fight for you. Has the most pretty eyes and lashes . He is the total package!. The perfect mannn, and always has a big dick!
Tyler Deland is so cute.
by BIllysmiths September 12, 2022