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noun. A catastrophic defect that renders a product useless. Most common usage occurs in the software industry as a reference to critical defects.
When the customers clicked on the button, a defuck crashed the web site.
by ktooth April 22, 2013
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Also "De-Fucked"
The antonym of fuck, used as in "getting fucked up"

To reverse the procedure of getting fucked up.
To restore to good health.
To rehabilitate.
To repair to a usable or presentable condition.
That dude is in the hospital getting defucked up after getting the shit beat out him.

This chick was totally stoned so she had to go get defucked up.

Wow, those geeks totally defucked that computer that I thought was a complete piece of shit.
by Okix25 December 15, 2010
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Antonym of "fuck and give birth to".
De-fuck: (or un-fuck), cancel the sexual intercourse (by going back in time ...) that someone's parents have had or return him/her to the hospital (the morgue, to be exact) where he/she was born at, so that this so very hated person's or exetremely unworthy of living moron's existence wouldn't have space in the first place. :D
I stole Scharry's word, therefore, I should undergo the de-fucking process -so did the Taliban court rule. (that was random for an example :P)
by Aures December 09, 2006
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This term, coined by the Assistant manager of Mooradian Contracting means to rectify or fix a problem situation.
by pokes May 08, 2005
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defuck- 1. n; an accidental work that comes up on t9 word
2. v. a question you ask yourself when something crazy goes down.
what defuck was that?
by Cameron Megan November 16, 2009
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