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Also "De-Fucked"
The antonym of fuck, used as in "getting fucked up"

To reverse the procedure of getting fucked up.
To restore to good health.
To rehabilitate.
To repair to a usable or presentable condition.
That dude is in the hospital getting defucked up after getting the shit beat out him.

This chick was totally stoned so she had to go get defucked up.

Wow, those geeks totally defucked that computer that I thought was a complete piece of shit.
by Okix25 December 15, 2010
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A form of dress code common in shooting ranges and people in the defense industry. Similar to business casual, but wearing a mixture of casual clothing mixed with more rugged, outdoor, or "tactical" clothing and footwear. Typically worn by firearms enthusiasts, military / vets, etc.
- Wearing colors like Coyote Brown, Olive Drab, Khaki, and other "tactical" colors.

- Guy on the range wearing 5.11 pants and boots, with a T-Shirt.

- Softshell jackets with shoulder velcro patches.

- A hat with a US Flag patch automatically qualifies as tactical casual.
by Okix25 March 28, 2015
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Hard-on Management Technician

A person who gives services to manage a male "hard-on".

Can operate alone, or with a group, to which is referred as "Hard-on Management Services HMS" Group managers are usually referred as Hard-on Management Supervisors.

Normally charges by the hour, and usually female.
James: Hey baby, are you an HMT?

HMT: Yeah, I am. Would you like to utilize my services?

James: Damn straight baby.

HMT: Okay, well I charge $250 for an hour. $200 Every succeeding hour.
by Okix25 December 06, 2011
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Acronym for Hard-on Management Services.

A type of business which engages in managing male "hard-on's" usually by Hard-On Management Technicians, or HMTs.

Usually under a Hard-On Management Supervisor, which has the Technicians working under him.

Normally services are charged by the hour, the rate negotiated before the services are performed.

Rumored to be "The Oldest Profession"
Dude: Hey Joe, I heard you hard to call in HMS last night.

Joe: Yeah man, I needed some release. My HMT was pretty hot too.

Dude: How much did you pay?

Joe: I paid my HMT $200 for an hour, plus a tip.
by Okix25 December 06, 2011
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A brother or sister who terrorize other siblings..

A sibling who deliberately tries to make another siblings life miserable.
My archsibling just ruined my day again... He put Jolly Ranchers in my soup!

Dude, my archsibling drew happy faces with a sharpie on my essay for tomorrow...
by Okix25 December 19, 2010
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