to delete or get rid of fake or foe friends
yo you know that Alex kid that’s supposed to be your bestfriend ? he’s so fake just Defoe him
by thatsomiaaaa_ May 14, 2018
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boi#1: oh hey did u study for the art test we're gonna have today?
boi#2: defo not! lemme go to the bathroom and perform a satanic ritual for bob ross brb
by maya rangerover March 07, 2020
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The act of having a midnight dalliance with a professional football player
Danielle lloyd has been defoed once again
by dariamorgandorfer January 11, 2011
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a shortening of definitely for use when responding in agreement enthusiastically and for sake of not using the enitire word. Works wonderfully avec FAB.
Scoop: LOOP day 2moro??
Lou: o DEFO that will be FAB!
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1. Without any doubt, to be totally sure about something, or completely confident about it.

2. Complete clarity, with no mistake.
Court: Defo
Alex: Eh?
Court: My version of definitely

Alex: So did you wanna go and watch the show court?
Court: DEFO!
by Alex Pipe & Courtney July 08, 2004
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