A definition defines the word you wish you could definitively understand. I definitely recommend researching definitions if you cannot define a word for it is undoubtedly important that the words we speak define us.
Homeless Heroin Addict: “Wow if only I could define some definitions.”
Privileged Child: “Yes. I’m sure you do."
by hailharrie October 02, 2016
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A dull and boring, non-slang way to say and spell daffynition.
Possibly the funniest definition on UrbanDictionary.com is most extreme elimination challenge by FridgeRaider. Then again, maybe it's shit happens.
by Fly On The Wall November 08, 2004
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buy the domain for your recipe site
Dumbass(1) : Can anyone tell me the definition of a word sex?
Dumbass(2) : It's to do it with a girl. Just get a bone looking thingy and put it in the girl's pink looking hole.
by Lollipop Kid July 17, 2007
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Things posted here on UrbanDictionary.com, or otherwise found in a dictionary or glossary. Also, when I post a link in my definitions to another definition, it is best used when my interpretation of it is used.
Did I really need to do that!?
by Leiko October 07, 2004
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What your seeing right now
Here in Urban Dictionary, anyone can change a word's definition from something normal to something totally inappropriate
via giphy
by AdmiralSupreme November 11, 2017
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