to have a look
deek at the arse on that wumin
by roy September 11, 2003
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Top Definition
Nick name for Derrick
you know deek? watchout, he's a slut!
by vee July 21, 2004
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An exclamation used to denote ignorance of something, often interchangeable with "I don't know". Comes from pronouncing "IDK" as "I deek", shortened to "deek". Originated at Berkeley High School in California.
Verb form
P1: What was the calc homework
P2: Deek man

Noun form
See Deeker
by Silty Clay Loam September 17, 2016
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look,a sneaky peek
''lets 'ave a deek''
by da NTP August 16, 2003
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deek (d-eeeek) - an impressive synonym for the term 'dick' OR 'penis' OR 'doodle' OR 'diddle' OR "jr'. (Original definition) a males genitalia. Used repetitively by the youth in today's society that prefer the use of slang in their everyday vocabulary, Also, 'deek' is often used as a filler word for a lot of sentences.
Example #1 -- "suck a deek harry".
Example #2 -- person 1: "i want to eat an icecream."
person 2: "why don't you eat a deek haha".
Example #3 -- person 1: "hes such a douche bag, that Jimmy"
person 2: "Full on bro, hes a deek".
by theasmatic63 January 29, 2015
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To point something out in amusing fashion. Originates from the north west of england.
Example 1:

Oh geoff, deeks that fuckin' mare ower theer.
(I say geoff, did your fantastic eyesight permit you to peruse over the visual delight of that nearby female stunner?)

Example 2:

Cumbrian #1: Fancy a ball and biscuit?
Cumbrian #2: Eh?
Cumbrian #1: (While whipping his bollocks out and laughing) DEEKS!
Cumbrian #2: Ahhh you fuckin twat!

Example 3:

Deeks him with the face.
by 9A Slang December 03, 2007
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These people are the bane of your existence. All whomst think they will be the next Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitts. They get offended by everything you literally can’t say anything around them. Drama is their life, theatres are where they hang out so be weary. They travel in flocks and most of them are LGBT. They get high off of watching plays. Stay safe kids, away from the drama geeks.
“Look it’s deeks in their natural habitat”
by Hatesthedramalife420 February 11, 2018
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