Synonim for something that went wrong or is messed up. Something that is fucked.
When you get a virus on your computer, you can say that your computer is deefed.

There are various alterations to the word. You can simply say for example, "Computer deefed," when you need to say that you're computer is fucked.

Originated in Allentown, PA.
by Robbit August 10, 2005
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Defriended. On a social network, or in real life, removing someone from your "friends list".
"John kept making racist jokes, so I deefed him."
by justfred November 21, 2013
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2. to do something almost as stupid or as stupid as someone who is mentally retarded
3. for a human to have the size of an elephant head
4. to run/to hills all summer
5.To not be able to afford something of inexpensive value.
1. Wow that dude just deefed that family sized lasagna.
2. Holy crap did you see that deefed up head, no way he'll find a fitted.
3. Yo you justed deefed that hill, your fast and in shape.
4. Man be real, quit deefing around about how you were fuck buddies all summer.
by ddub September 04, 2008
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"Where were you yesterday?" "I was at the zoo checking out the deefs!" "AWESOME!"
by Admiral Dude Kiss May 07, 2008
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To dry hump, more or less have sex with clothes on. Mormons like to deef so that they can nut without having actual sex. Deef sessions are typically 1-3 hours. Widely known in Utah county, Utah.
Deef me?”

“How far did you go with John?” “We deefed
“You wore jeans? That’s like the number one rule of deef! You have to wear leggings or sweats!”
by Analjames December 28, 2017
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Deef |dēf|

1. noun. Originally used to succinctly describe an instance of delicious beef. Often this is used when the item has a distractingly high level of tastiness and a full sentence is not manageable.

2. adjective. Good, excellent, or awesome. A 'y' is added to the end to create "Deefy" as necessary.
1. "That vendor on Church St. is selling some straight deef burgers."

2. "Taking shots in the library? That's deef, yo."
"That is a deefy burger, my friend."
by LingAnth October 10, 2011
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