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The ultamite weapon of choice for the "evil genius" type of character from 50s Sci-fi films. Usually has the power to "destroy" objects, which results in them suddenly disappearing with an accompanyment of a cheesy sound effect. Also see Death Star.
Don't move! Or...or... I'll zap you with my death ray!
by The Black Plague June 27, 2003
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Can be used as a noun or verb.
1.) The act of judging someone because of something that was said or done. Victims, on several occasions, are death rayed due to an embarrassing gaffe or faux pas.
2.) A ray of judgment emitted by a judgmental douchebag.
E: I think Christina Hendricks is a fat cow.
by emskarsgard October 31, 2010
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A weapon that was actually developed and tested (with some success) by the Japanese during World War II. It utilized a concentrated microwave beam to fry its targets from the inside out. It may or may not have been tested on human beings.
The World War II Japanese death ray was known as the "Ku-Go".
by mrme11 June 22, 2009
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